Purdue University ECET 177 Parts Kit with carrying bag

Purdue University ECET 177 Parts Kit with carrying bag
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This kit comes in a nice carrying bag that will also fit your micro kit and keep your tools organized.

Purdue University
ECET 177
qty. in kit Description
1 carrying bag
1 Masking Tape
1 Mini long nose pliers
1 Mini diagonal cutters
1 screwdriver set
1 IC removal tool
1 Mini grabber test lead set
1 3.5mm (1/8") male stereo plug
1 6" - 1/4" Heat shrink tube
1 right angle header pin - 3 terminal
2 BNC-BNC cable, male to male
1 BNC "T"
1 BNC female jack
1 10 jumpers male/male 
1 assortment resistor pack ¼w 
3 10k ohm pot 
1 10nF capacitor
1 220nF capacitor
1 1uF capacitor
1 MBR1100 Schottky Diode
1 IRF3709 N channel MOSFET TO220
1 MCP4901  DAC
5 TLC081 Op Amp
1 140 piece jumper wire kit
1 parts organizer
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