ECET 224 (Modified with ENGT 181 parts removed)

ECET 224 Parts Kit
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Purdue University West Lafayette
This modified ECET 224 kit is intended to be used along with the ENGT 181 Fall 2017 kit. If you already bought the ENGT 181 Fall 2017 kit, you can purchase this kit to have the needed materials.
Quantity Description
1 Carrying bag
1 Arduino Mega Microcontroller
1 Velcro Strip
1 USB A to B Cable
1 set DMM Lead, Banana to Mini-grabber
1 220nF Capacitor
1 1uF Capacitor (105)
1 FQP30N06L MOSFET, TO220 pkg.
1 INA126PA Instrumentation Op Amp
2 TL081 Op Amp
2 Oscilloscope Probes
1 breadboard for soldering practice
1 Voltage Shield
1 Safety Glasses (optional)

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