Tron.ix "Oscillators & Amplifiers" Experiment Book 3 & Lab Kit

Tron.ix "Oscillators & Amplifiers" Experiment Book 3 & Lab Kit
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Tronix 3 Lab 

"Basic Electronics Oscillators
and Amplifiers" 

(Includes Student Manual, Experiment Parts Kit, Solderless Circuit Board , Nine-Volt Battery)

This is a hands-on lab comes complete with a beautiful book, parts and solderless circuit board to help you build some of the most interesting experiments you have ever seen on a solderless circuit board, and as you do, you learn how the basic components work in a circuit. You will enjoy hours of fun creating all kinds of sounds and light displays. LEARN Electronics!

Amaze yourself with all the circuits you can create and you may be on your way to an interesting career in electronics and computers. 

Tronix 3 Lab (#TL300) Includes the following:
  • 1 Tronix 3 Book (#TM303)
  • 1 Set of Tronix 3 Parts (#TP302)
  • 1 Solderless Circuit Board (#CB222)
  • 1 9-Volt Battery (#9VB)

Table of Contents
  • L01 - Vacuum Tubes and Transistors
  • L02 - Transistors as Amplifiers
  • L03 - Audio Amplifying Systems
  • L04 - Transistors in Oscillators
  • L05 - Oscillator Applications
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