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EE In A Box is your source for custom electronic kits to support your course work and your student’s educational needs.

We are here to help!

Save Time, Money & Reduce Frustration with Streamlined Sourcing and Kitting Services

When teaching a course, your students need the electronic components and tools to build circuits to explore and learn the material that you have developed and use in the course. Students are able to learn the course material better when the obstacle of using electronic components with unknown conditions is removed and they own a personal kit of components that they use in the laboratory and this also makes them accountable for their educational goals. This accountability prepares them for their professional career. This streamlined source reduces the errors of students ordering electronic components, supplies, and tools from multiple vendors and reduces the delays in materials from backordered components. We can help you and your students streamline this process by providing all of your supplies in a single kit and package it to meet your needs.

At EE In A Box, we make it easy to put together electronic kits to support your course. We source all the parts you need and package them for the students’ convenience. Our expertise allows us to get you and the students the products needed, with a large breadth of products, knowledgeable in electronic component specifications and a dedicated team, our kitting service goes beyond the capabilities of other distributors. We can source materials from many different vendors to suit your needs. If you like a tool from a certain manufacture, no problem. We can source that item and provide it in your kit. We are not tied to a specific group of manufactures, so we work with many different suppliers to get the materials that our customers desire. We also pride ourselves in providing storage and organization boxes and tool bags to help keep the kit organized and easy to transport to and from lab.

From packaging kits for a classroom to developing a kit that students will purchase to support their course work, our team is willing to work with you to meet your needs.

Made-to-Order, Ready-to-Ship

Whether your BOM (Bill of Material) consists of 5 or 100 parts, individually sourcing and managing each item can be time-consuming and difficult for students and instructors and staff to manage. Our kitting services help you and your students place orders faster and easier, allowing you more time to focus on what really matters – your curriculum development and design.

It’s in the BOX! We will deliver it your way

We’ll prepare and kit parts used in your course so your students can efficiently start their semester while saving time and frustration and eliminate the unexpected surprise of backordered supplies.


Delivered labeled and kitted to your requirements for ease of receiving. Your inventory is already parsed out into pre-counted kits, delivered labeled and kitted to your requirements for ease of receiving. We can customize labels and packing lists. Any data field on your BOM can appear on your label or packing list.


Get Every Part Needed in One BOX!

Kitting Services:

  • We source all components, allowing you and your students more time to focus on the course.
  • We identify potential substitutes on obsolete components to prevent interruption to lab experiments, minimize price, reduce lead time, and prevent delayed delivery.
  • Single point-of-contact and online ordering for an easy ordering process.
  • Reduced shipping costs. EE In A Box covers expense of inbound freight from all of our suppliers and we have a variety of products that offer free shipping to our customers.
  • Parts are packaged in storage containers to your bill of materials ready for student to organize and set-up their kit.
  • Customized labels for items if desired.
  • PCB fabrication and assembly available.
  • We ship each order directly to the student or to the classroom where the course is taught. We will be happy to set up any arrangement to make sure your course gets off to a smooth start!


Request a Custom Kitting Quote:

EE In A Box is here to assist you in preparing your kit that students need in order to have a successful course. Please submit your request and requirements and we will contact you to discuss your needs. You can reach us by using our "Contact Us" page or email us at "kits at EEinaBox . com".