Arduino Stackable Header Kit

long header pins (sockets)

Use these to stack shields on your Arduino! These are standard 6-pin and 8-pin 0.1" spacing female headers with extra long pins which means you can use these to stack shields! The legs are 10.5mm (0.42") long, so after the PCB thickness (1.7mm/0.07") you have a height of 8.8mm (0.35"). Comes in a package of 2 x 8-pin headers and 2 x 6-pin headers for full compatibility with shields designed for Arduino R3 & Leonardo

Some experimentation might be necessary. Some examples:

  • You can stack on top of a Proto Shield, but not if there is a breadboard on it
  • You can stack on top of a Motor Shield, make sure you bend the electrolytic capacitors before you solder them in, so that they lay flat against the PCB
  • You can stack on top of a Wave, NFC/RFID, or GPS shield with no problems
  • You can stack on top of an Ethernet shield, but you'll need two sets of headers to clear the Ethernet jack.

Arduino Stackable Header Kit

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