420 Point, Half Size Solderless Breadboard

Solderless breadboard

Half Size Solderless breadboard. It has 2 power buses, 10 columns, and 30 rows - a total of 420 tie in points.

All pins are spaced by a standard 0.1". The two sets of five columns are separated by about 0.3", perfect for straddling a DIP package over.

The board accepts wire sizes in the range of 29-20AWG.

This board is white that makes it easy to see where wires and components are located at on the board and also has a self-adhesive on the back. The boards also have interlocking parts, so you can hook as many together as you'd like.

Dimensions: 3.29" x 2.15" x 0.33" (83.5mm x 54.5mm x 8.5mm)

 images are CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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