Lamp Kit with White Wire and Polarized Plug

Lamp Kit with White Wire and Polarized Plug

We have packaged some of the hardest parts to source for your lamp project. This is not a full lamp kit as there are hundreds of ways to build a lamp which require many different pieces of hardware and special parts, so we have included the items in the list below. This bundle of parts will allow you to rewire most lamps or construct a new one. You will need to find other parts at local stores or find an old lamp that needs rebuilt and use these parts to fix that old lamp up.

We have also written instructions to help you build your skills to properly wire a lamp socket and plug that is included in the kit and explains some of the hard to come-by information that is critical to building a safe and reliable lamp. These instructions are great for young adults that are building a project for events like the 4-H county or state fairs. 

Lamp Kit contains:

Medium Base Lamp Socket (ON/OFF) - great for incandescent, fluorescent, and LED bulbs

Black Parallel Lamp Cord (SPT-1 18/2)

Black Polarized Plug

In-line strain relief

Assortment of bushings

8" harp 

Lamp Kit Instructions

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