Lamp Bushing & Grommet Kit

4-H Electric Mission Style Lamp Kit


Lamp Kit contains:

rubber grommet

male theraded bushing

(2) steel nut, 1/8"-27 thread

female threaded bushing, black, 1/8"-17 ips 

snap in bushing, black, fits 7/16" hole - 5/16" I.D.

snap in bushing, black, fits 5/16" hole - 3/16" I.D.

press in bushing, clear, fits 1/8" ips, (works best with SPT-1 cord, will work with SPT-2 cord, but is tight)

1/2" riser, brass plated, 1/4"-27 threads

top hat finial, brass plated, 1/4"-27 threads

cord strain relief, black

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