6V DC Motor with encoder

6V DC Motor with encoder 667

6V DC Motor with encoder. This DC motor has an integrated quadrature encoder that provides a resolution of 16 pulses per revolution giving a maximum output of 1920 with one round of the output shaft. Applications for this include closed-loop PID control or PWM motor speed control. The picture below is just for reference and the actual motor is pictured above.


  • gear ratio: 120:1
  • No load speed at 6V - 160 rpm, no load spped at 3V - 60 rpm
  • No-load current at 6V - 0.17A, no-load current at 3V - 0.14A
  • Max stall current - 2.8A
  • rated torque - 0.2kgf.cm
  • encoder voltage 4.5-7.5V
  • motor operating voltage 3-7.5V (rated at 6V)
  • weight - 50g
  • includes JST 2 pin motor cable and JST 4 pin encoder cable
  • Applications: Experimental equipment, electric toys, RC hobby motor/toy car




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