Adafruit Proto Shield for Arduino Kit - v.5

Adafruit Proto Shield for Arduino Kit - v.5
Works with the Uno! This prototyping shield is the best out there (well, I think so, at least). It works with UNO, NG, Diecimila and Duemilanove Arduinos.
Check out these awesome specifcations:
  • It has a nice standard 0.1"x0.1" prototying grid with big pads
  • A IC pattern for adding DIP ICs up to 20 pins
  • Power rails down the middle and sides
  • A reset button and an extra general use button
  • 2 3mm general use LEDs, red and green, as well as 2 matching resistors
  • The ICSP header is up top if you like to upload to your Arduino using a programmer
  • A surface-mount chip area for up to 14 SOIC size parts
  • Compatible with either tiny breadboards or 'standard' breadboards with the rails removed.
  • Every pin is brought out, including the new 3V and Reset header pins
  • 2 0.1uF capacitors on either side for extra power stability
Comes as a kit of parts, however its very easy to assemble even for begining solderers. More information & instructions are available here.

Arduino and breadboards are not included!


  • Fits regular Arduino headers
  • Dimensions (assembled): 69mm x 53mm x 13mm (2.7in x 2.1in x 0.5in)

Tutorials: Protoshield tutorial


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